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Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to work

Hello everyone

It has been a while since you received news from us. Don't worry we didn't went home yet. We just have been on vacation.

All of us have been traveling trough the Balkans and enjoying the opportunity of a once in a lifetime trip. For example hitchhiking through Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. Pretty cool right??!!

If you want to know the stories just ask any of us.

At 24th of August we were back to work. Since school is still out we went to help the good staff in Bujoreni Village Museum like we did so many times before already.

While working we had the company of Kuba the horse and his family!!

Sewing time!

Everyone is very concentrated!

In the museum some of us were sewing and other were helping with cleaning of the houses. 

Some of the traditional clothing you can find in the museum.

We always try to have a bit of fun while working.

It's good to be back to work!
Hope you missed us! :)

Thank you for reading and keeping up with what we are doing.