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Friday, June 27, 2014

Activities in Bujoreni Village Museum

Hello everyone

The activities in the schools are over for now. But don't think that means we are not doing anything. These past weeks we have been helping the Bujoreni Village Museum to make the inventory of the clothing articles and with cleaning the village houses.

The inventory consists in sewing the respective number in the piece of cloth.

Our Burcu loves sewing.

All working very hard.

Val is an expert.

Even Nuno is helping.

The inventory numbers in red.

Jesus came to help us!

As you can see these are very old pieces of cloth some with more then 100 years old, so they have to be handled with care.

Working outside.

Help from Ani from other project.

Nuno trying his new pajamas.

Working very hard.

Never ending story.

There is still a lot of work to do in the Museum, so we will be working there for some time more. It's always a pleasure to work with them.

Thank you for the patience of teaching us how to do this work. And a special thank you to Tato, Ani and C├ítia for helping us also.  

Friday, June 20, 2014

Activities In Ursi Village

Hello Everyone

On Wednesday 18th June, we had an invitation to go and have activities at a school in Ursi Village. We gladly accepted.

We were a team of 10 volunteers and we were tasked to work with children from grades 1 to 8. We split ourselves in two teams for efficiency and effectiveness which worked perfectly well.

Each team prepared activities for their classes ranging from name games, dominoes, puzzles, coordination games, videos, music and many others. We had wonderful children and teachers to work with and so our job was made very easy.

The Children



Name Games



We had a wonderful time at the school and at the end of the activities we were presented with the most amazing gifts.

Thank you so much for the great time and for everything you gave us.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

School Activities - part 3

Hello everyone

Hope you all have been good. 

A few more weeks have passed and we still continue our work in the schools, Gorano and Colonia Nuci.

Our struggles are the same but we keep going and believing that we might change something.

We have continued with our activities and lessons. This will probably be the last week that we are working in these schools. So we want all the students to know that was a real pleasure to know and work with you. We hope we get to see each other again sometime soon.

We hope that you learned from us as much as we learned from you.
Don't forget that the world is big and that there are a lot of things that you can do. You just have to want and work to achieve them.

See you all soon.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Activities in Bujoreni Village Meseum

Hello everyone

During these past weeks alongside the work in the schools we have been helping in the Bujoreni Village Museum with the activities they had planed this month for the children of the region.

We kept the kids occupied with games and workshops, like pottery, making bread and visiting the museum on the back of a carriage pulled by horses.

Our Kuba with mama and papa :)

Bobby :)

The kids were a little scared in the beginning, but in the end they loved it :D

Duck Duck Goose!

Traffic light! 

Also on the 6th of June the Museum realized a special activity. During this month the kids were asked to draw and make a handcraft works with the museum as the theme. On this day the best ones were rewarded with gifts for next school year.


A Romanian Tale with the help of the teacher!

Singing traditional song!

Thank you! Thank you!

Traditional dances!

And everyone is dancing!

The award ceremony.

Snack time!!!

Thanks and congrats to all the children who participated and to the museum staff for the lovely day. It's always a pleasure to work with you all.

Hope you had as much fun with us as we had with you!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Article - Children's Day

Hello everyone

Hope you have been well.

Once again we had our activities reported in the media, this time in Gazeta de Sud and Eurovalcea.

We are always happy that what we are doing gets some media coverage. For us it means that our events are worthy of mention in the news.

Below you have the links to the websites where the articles are published.

Gazeta de Sud - 2nd of June

Eurovalcea - 2nd of June

Thank you all for participating.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Children Day - 1st of June

Hello everyone

On the 1st of June we celebrated a very special day for us. As you know we are working in the schools of villages close to Ramnicu Valcea. There, the children don't have access to the same festivities as the ones in the city.

In this day we celebrate the International Children Day. It's such an important date that we knew we had to do something good for the kids. We could not go to all the schools, so the "chosen" one was Colonia Nuci.

Before the actual day we went to the village to inform the parents about this activity so that they could let the kids go there. We would have balloons, face painting, games and handcraft workshops for the children.

We were very well received in the community. Even though it was hard to see for ourselves the difficult conditions these families are living in.

During that week we prepared a lot of gifts for the children.

We tried to do a lot of different things, so we painted and made boxes with sweets for them. Hope you liked it. :)

And then the day finally arrived. We had decided to go there with some kind of masks. We had witches, penguin, cat, clown, rabbit and red ridding hood.
Here you can see some of the pictures from that day.

 The witch and the penguin :)

 Our cutie cat :)

 Our famous clown 


The handcraft workshop 

 Face painting


 Families :)

Thank you for coming!!

 The princess, the mouse and Zorro

 With the volunteers

Thank you girls for coming to help us :)

Four cuties :)

Two knights and a witch :)

Three princesses and a witch :)

The witch and the butterflies  

Little cute butterfly 



As you can see we had a great time. Thank you's to the school for letting us use some of the facilities and to the parents for bringing the children and letting them spend this day with us.
It was a wonderful and humbling experience that proved to us that there is no need for fancy parties or gifts, if what you do comes from the heart it will reach someone and they will have a great time.

Thank you all who somehow participated, we could not have done it without you.