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Friday, February 6, 2015

Media Campaign - Making Off

Hello everyone

Hope you all have been good.

This will probably be one of the last posts from this blog. ohhhh I know how sad you must be feeling. It was a very long ride, that has come to an end. It was a wonderful experience to spend this past year with all of you. I hope you liked it as much as we did.

Now on to the topic at hand. It was a blast to do the Media Campaign Another Brick In the Wall, but don't delude yourselves into thinking it was easy. It was not. It was a lot of work, with recordings, interviews, street questionnaires and more. With the video that we made you guys get to know a little of the work we did, and the basic steps you need to make to do any type of Campaign.

At the end of the video you can find some of our bloopers, and funny situations we had while doing this project.

So here it is.

We hope you like the video.

We was a pleasure to work with you all.

See you later, alligators :D

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Media Campaign - 3º Video

Hello everyone

Our time in Romania is almost coming to an end, but we still continue with our media campaign Another Brick in the Wall.

As you know in the first movie we talked to Romanians and asked them what were their thoughts on the Rroma.
You haven't seen the first movie??? OH My God!! Go go now! You can check it here: What do you think about Rroma.

In our second movie we went to the other side and talked with woman from the Rroma communities. Here you can watch what we did: What the Rroma say about the situation.

In this third installment of our campaign we asked what can be the solutions for the discrimination problem. What we can do to stop it or at least to make it better.
Most of the people we talked to said that the solution is in Education. Educating both sides to accept each other, show the Romanians the best about the Rroma culture and the Rroma that the other side can be trusted and understanding, but also teach them that they also have to evolve and change some "traditions".

Here you can see the video

As you learn in the movie there are some measures being taken to help the integration of the Rroma in the Romanian society, we hope that in the future things will get better.
There are special sopts in University and in the companies for Rroma people, the use of European projects is also helping to open the minds and see a better future.

There will be one more video with some outtakes from our experience. So stay tuned and wait for new stuff in our Facebook pages and here.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Media Campaign - 2º Movie

Hello everyone

I hope you all had wonderful vacations and that Christmas and New Years were a lot of fun. I know our was.

We are still working in our media campaign Another Brick in the Wall

As you know in the first movie we went to the streets to ask Romanians what they thought about the Rroma communities. If you still didn't watch the first movie you can do it through this link: What do you think about Rroma. C'mom go go! We will wait a little bit!

This time we went to the other side and we talked to Rroma women that have broke free from the traditional stereotype. They are going or already went to the University, they have stable jobs and are trying to help their communities to understand each other and evolve.
We also talked to a representative of the Rroma party in Bucharest and she explained to us some of the objectives of the party.

In this video you can find a different side of Rroma, so check it out and tell us what you think.

These are strong and independent women that can show you that is possible to do things in a different way. They too suffered from discrimination, even from their own communities, but they manage to overcome all the obstacles.
We want to put a stop to this and help realize that there are other choices.

We hope you like it and start to do your part also.

Let's fight for a more tolerant world.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Media Campaign - Conference

Hello everyone

On the 11th of December, we realized a conference in the Judeţeană Library in Rm. Valcea. This was to promote our campaign "Another Brick in the Wall" within the community and let them know what we have been doing.
We presented our Problem and made a screening of our First Short Movie.

If you want to watch it you can do it here: What do you know about Rroma?

This was the poster used to promote the conference. We were happy that a lot of children were present and that somehow we managed to have a little debate about our theme.

Once again we tried to convey that we should not judge other by where they come from, what color they are or what are their beliefs.

We had a very good question from one of the kids, that was as follow: "But do I have to like everyone? Do I have to be friends with everyone?" Our answer was that: "No, you don't.", but that does not give anyone the right to discriminate based on gender, color, religion or ethnicity.

It's normal that we don't like all the people that come into our lives, but just because we don't like them, doesn't mean we can't be tolerant.

Here are some pictures from that day.

We thank you all for taking the time to listen to us and hopefully you'll start to make a difference.

If you want to know more about us and our work check our pages: CYERC EVS; and Another Brick in the Wall

Monday, December 1, 2014

Media Campaign - 1st Video

Hello everyone

Has you already know we started a Media Campaign about discrimination between Romanians and Rroma. We decided to divide this in 3 short movies.

In this first movie we will show you what the general Romanian population thinks about the Rroma communities. It was very hard for us to feel so much animosity between the two sides of the story. 

We talked to random people in the streets, to the principal of one of the schools we are working with and also to some of our friends.

Most of the Romanians have a bad impression of the Rroma communities. They say that they are stealing, begging, creating fights. And of course we know that this happens, but it happens in both sides. There are also Romanians that are stealing and creating problems, so let's not close our eyes and put the blame only on one side. 

There is work to be done on both sides so that these situations stop happening.

Start you day with a smile and you'll see it a lot easier to put the stereotypes to the side.

Be careful with the bell because it's time to wake up.

If you want to know more about our campaign check our page at Another Brick in the Wall 

We are all human, let's stop this.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Media Campaign - Start

Hello everyone

We have some news for you.

In the past weeks we have been preparing a media campaign. It's named Another Brick in the Wall and here you can see the Facebook page.

During our time in Romania we noticed that there are discrimination problems between Romanians and Roma. And this is happening everywhere, in the schools, in the streets, in the work places, etc.

This campaign is to create awareness and develop the seed to change this situation.

We are all Humans. One of our concepts is to show that both sides do the same things and have the same responsibilities.

We are workers!

Like in all places in the world there are good people and bad people. This is not related to the color of your skin or in which country you were born in. So why do we keep these stereotypes going and poisoning our minds and societies.
We all go through life working, raising our kids, taking care of our grandchildren, with friends and making the best of it.
This situations has got to stop.

We both wait for the same bus!

We are friends!

 We are grandparents!

We are mothers!

We have been going to the communities making interviews to try and know more about what people really think about this situation.

We are trying to make a difference and change a little bit of the general mentality.

We hope to count on you all to help us and make this world a better place. We may sound a bit cliche here but we believe we can do it.

For more information you can also go to CYERC EVS Project

Thank you for your support :D

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween week

Hello everyone!!

Hope you all have been good!

This was a special week for us all. And that was because we just had Halloween. During this time all that is dark and mysterious comes to life. During this time we believe in demons and vampires and werewolves. It's the time of pranks and trick or treat.

In order to celebrate this even, we decided to make special activities. So we dedicated this whole week to Halloween.

We told creepy stories, made ornaments, masks and of course the Jack Oh'lanterns from pumpkins.

Time for a little spiritual session, to scare the most sensible ones. Don't worry nobody was really possessed. It was just a little play :)

We decided to take pumpkins and have the children make Jack Oh'lanterns. And they did a great job, as you can see in the pictures.

Our little ones in kindergarten painted a big pumpkin, a ghost and a witch.

We also played some traditional games like apple bobbing. In this game they had to take the apple from the bowl without using the hands. It's was quite funny see them try and not get wet :D 

They also prepared their own masks for the night of 31st October where they would go Trick or Treat.

It was a really fun week and we know that the kids had a great time with us.

If you want to see more pictures of this week click here!