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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Non Formal Education Week

Hello everyone

This is a very special week in Romania. In all the schools across the country, teachers are using methods of non-formal education. As the name suggests this method uses other means of teaching. Such as movies, art activities, sports, language classes but in a non theoretical way, using games and team building technics. We try to be creative and innovative in our work, so that the children still learn but in a different, funny way and experience the topics first hand.

In our daily work we usually use this kind of activities to teach the kids in our schools.

Even the fact that we are all from different countries is a good non formal education opportunity for the children to learn about other cultures and develop their views on the world.

This week we got invitation from many schools, asking if we could be there and do some activities with the students. We spent some time in School Take Ionescu, School nr 4, Gorano and Vladesti.

Here you have some proof!

We thank all the schools that invited us for this special week. And we hope that you had a great time just like we did.

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