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Friday, September 26, 2014

Mid-term training in Sinaia

Hello everyone

Hope you have been doing good!! :)

From 22nd to 24th of September, we all had to attend something called Mid-term training. Has we told you before in the beginning of this project we had On Arrival training. This was more or less the same. It was also provided by the National Agency and there, we made an assessment of what has been going on in our projects and what future prospects we can expect after EVS.

On the first day we evaluated the past. How the project have been going and what has been done so far. We noticed that we have had a very nice experience so far. Of course with some problems because nothing can be perfect. But for sure the good outshines the bad.

The second day of training we talked about the present. What are our current challenges and what we can do to solve them. We had a great time with our trainers and really discover a lot about each other.

The third, and last day of training was to talk about the future. What we can do reach our objectives withing the project, but also what we can expect after EVS. The opportunities that await us.

Of course these days were not just training. We had a great time meeting everyone, more or less 30 volunteers from other cities in Romania, and also the trainers.
Every night the hotel had traditional singers performing specially for us. We were really honored.

We discovered that some of the volunteers had really nice dance skills. We had a lot of fun.

This training helped us improve ourselves and gave us motivation for these last 4 months of EVS.

Here we also realized the our time in Romania is almost over and that soon we all will be going home. Which leaves us sad. To accept that is also one of our tasks.

It was great to meet everyone and spend these days with all of you.

You are all welcome in Rm. Valcea. Hope to see you again. :D


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