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Monday, October 13, 2014

Forum theater in School nr 4

Hey hey everyone!

Hope you all have been well!

During this week we had a special task to prepare. Remember that we made a training about Forum Theater (You can know more about this here).  So this was the time to put that training into something.

We prepared a small play about Bulling and Discrimination in the schools of Romania. In this case we portrait between Romanian and Roma (gypsy) children, but it could be easily the other way around or between the same nationality or minority. It's a world problem that must be fought and with this example we tried to create awareness to the situation.

Remember that this play is made by volunteers and not professional actors. We went to school nr 4, in Ramnicu Valcea. After presenting the situation we got help from the 8th grade students in order to find the solution.

We are very happy to say that it was a complete success.

Here you can watch our performance and let us know if the solutions were appropriate or what other actions could be done to eradicate this problem from our societies.

We would like to thank the school, teachers and students for participating and helping us make this possible.

Let's eradicate this situations from our schools. Say no to discrimination and bulling.

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