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Monday, December 1, 2014

Media Campaign - 1st Video

Hello everyone

Has you already know we started a Media Campaign about discrimination between Romanians and Rroma. We decided to divide this in 3 short movies.

In this first movie we will show you what the general Romanian population thinks about the Rroma communities. It was very hard for us to feel so much animosity between the two sides of the story. 

We talked to random people in the streets, to the principal of one of the schools we are working with and also to some of our friends.

Most of the Romanians have a bad impression of the Rroma communities. They say that they are stealing, begging, creating fights. And of course we know that this happens, but it happens in both sides. There are also Romanians that are stealing and creating problems, so let's not close our eyes and put the blame only on one side. 

There is work to be done on both sides so that these situations stop happening.

Start you day with a smile and you'll see it a lot easier to put the stereotypes to the side.

Be careful with the bell because it's time to wake up.

If you want to know more about our campaign check our page at Another Brick in the Wall 

We are all human, let's stop this.

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