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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Media Campaign - 3º Video

Hello everyone

Our time in Romania is almost coming to an end, but we still continue with our media campaign Another Brick in the Wall.

As you know in the first movie we talked to Romanians and asked them what were their thoughts on the Rroma.
You haven't seen the first movie??? OH My God!! Go go now! You can check it here: What do you think about Rroma.

In our second movie we went to the other side and talked with woman from the Rroma communities. Here you can watch what we did: What the Rroma say about the situation.

In this third installment of our campaign we asked what can be the solutions for the discrimination problem. What we can do to stop it or at least to make it better.
Most of the people we talked to said that the solution is in Education. Educating both sides to accept each other, show the Romanians the best about the Rroma culture and the Rroma that the other side can be trusted and understanding, but also teach them that they also have to evolve and change some "traditions".

Here you can see the video

As you learn in the movie there are some measures being taken to help the integration of the Rroma in the Romanian society, we hope that in the future things will get better.
There are special sopts in University and in the companies for Rroma people, the use of European projects is also helping to open the minds and see a better future.

There will be one more video with some outtakes from our experience. So stay tuned and wait for new stuff in our Facebook pages and here.

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