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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Activities in Bujoreni Village Meseum

Hello everyone

During these past weeks alongside the work in the schools we have been helping in the Bujoreni Village Museum with the activities they had planed this month for the children of the region.

We kept the kids occupied with games and workshops, like pottery, making bread and visiting the museum on the back of a carriage pulled by horses.

Our Kuba with mama and papa :)

Bobby :)

The kids were a little scared in the beginning, but in the end they loved it :D

Duck Duck Goose!

Traffic light! 

Also on the 6th of June the Museum realized a special activity. During this month the kids were asked to draw and make a handcraft works with the museum as the theme. On this day the best ones were rewarded with gifts for next school year.


A Romanian Tale with the help of the teacher!

Singing traditional song!

Thank you! Thank you!

Traditional dances!

And everyone is dancing!

The award ceremony.

Snack time!!!

Thanks and congrats to all the children who participated and to the museum staff for the lovely day. It's always a pleasure to work with you all.

Hope you had as much fun with us as we had with you!!

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