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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Children Day - 1st of June

Hello everyone

On the 1st of June we celebrated a very special day for us. As you know we are working in the schools of villages close to Ramnicu Valcea. There, the children don't have access to the same festivities as the ones in the city.

In this day we celebrate the International Children Day. It's such an important date that we knew we had to do something good for the kids. We could not go to all the schools, so the "chosen" one was Colonia Nuci.

Before the actual day we went to the village to inform the parents about this activity so that they could let the kids go there. We would have balloons, face painting, games and handcraft workshops for the children.

We were very well received in the community. Even though it was hard to see for ourselves the difficult conditions these families are living in.

During that week we prepared a lot of gifts for the children.

We tried to do a lot of different things, so we painted and made boxes with sweets for them. Hope you liked it. :)

And then the day finally arrived. We had decided to go there with some kind of masks. We had witches, penguin, cat, clown, rabbit and red ridding hood.
Here you can see some of the pictures from that day.

 The witch and the penguin :)

 Our cutie cat :)

 Our famous clown 


The handcraft workshop 

 Face painting


 Families :)

Thank you for coming!!

 The princess, the mouse and Zorro

 With the volunteers

Thank you girls for coming to help us :)

Four cuties :)

Two knights and a witch :)

Three princesses and a witch :)

The witch and the butterflies  

Little cute butterfly 



As you can see we had a great time. Thank you's to the school for letting us use some of the facilities and to the parents for bringing the children and letting them spend this day with us.
It was a wonderful and humbling experience that proved to us that there is no need for fancy parties or gifts, if what you do comes from the heart it will reach someone and they will have a great time.

Thank you all who somehow participated, we could not have done it without you.


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