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Friday, July 11, 2014

Special activities in the Library

Hello everyone

Hope you are all having a nice summer, even though the weather sometimes isn't helping.

Don't think just because its summer we are on vacation. During this period we have been working with Public Libraries in Rm. Valcea. They had organized special activities for the children in the community. They asked if we could help and we were more than happy to do so.

We tried to make different activities in order to keep the pace of the sessions. We did name games and activities outside of the building.

We made a screening of the short movie Butterfly Circus. and asked the children to draw and comment what they thought about the story. The results were amazing, as you can see in some of the pictures above.

We saved a day for manual activities and the kids and to build their own city with recycled materials. We used bottles, milk boxes, paper and others.

Didn't it turned out amazing?! You can do all of this with materials that usually you consider garbage.
It's easy and this way you are helping the environment and redecorating whatever you want.

We have been having an amazing time with all of you. We hope you had fun with us also.
Hopefully we will see you all soon.

Thank you to the Library's and everyone who has been helping us with these activities.


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