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Friday, May 16, 2014

New School - Colonia Nuci

Hello everyone

After vacation and activities in Village Museum, some of our volunteers started working in a new school, situated in the village Colonia Nuci.

This a school 10km from Ramnicu Valcea. And here we can really feel the difference in education conditions and motivation from the children. We believe that here we can make something different than in the city.

The children here came from difficult situations and our objective is to teach them that they can chose their own path in life and separate from the stigmas created by past generations. 

Music day

Handcrafts day - door marker

Some emotions were represented :)

Thanks to all the children that gave us a traditional dance class.

We hope that we can make something really good and that you all in the school can have fun with us.

Pose :)

Drawing day

Friends :)

Getting to know each other

Trees in a storm!! Take cover!!

Making puzzle

Thank you Francisco Rivera for joining us this day.

Thank you Miyuki for this day.

Hello to you all.

See you all next time. Be good.

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