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Friday, May 9, 2014

Seara Romaneasca part 2

Hello everyone

Hope you all have been good.

After our wild vacations and all the forum theater training, it was time to relax a little bit. In order to do that our Romanian friends organized for us yet another Romanian night.

It was a really great night again. Thank you all so much for your effort in showing us your culture and tradition.
We had a lot of food and fun trying all the different dishes prepared for us. As you can see in the next pictures.

As you can see we had a fullll table!!!

Thank you all for coming!

It was a double special night because it was also our Martyna's Birthday! 

Everyone is waiting for the signal to go eat!!

Volunteers say cheese!!!

Traditional clothing!!

Say cheese!!

Hum...looks delicious right!?

Bye bye!!

As you can see it was another wonderful night. Thank you all for preparing this for us.
And we hope to do this a lot!!
See you next time.

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