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Friday, February 14, 2014

1 Billion Rising for Justice


In 14th of February is the day of a very special celebration. 
No, it's not Valentines Day. 
It's the international day against violence. We decided to take part in the 1 Billion Rising Movement and we went to the streets to help stop violence against women.
We created some flyers, posters and prepared a small play in order to try to change some mentalities. 
This a world wide movement that tries to create awareness to violence problems. Last year it was violence specifically against women and girls. Since it was so well received in the whole world, this year there was an upgrade and it's 1 Billion Rising for Justice.

During our performance in the streets of Ramnicu Valcea it was visible that it's a very difficult matter to approach and that there still a lot of people believing that if the woman is abused it's because she deserved it. In other words, that is still a long way to go in this department and that mentalities are very hard to change.

"Break the Chain. Talking is the first step"

"Violence is not only bruises. Stop the harassment"

If you want to know more about this movement, go to
There you can find all the information about the movements and videos of this year manifestation.

Here is the video that we created for this day.

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