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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Intercultural Evening


To introduce our team to the community, we organized a intercultural evening. Since we all come from very different countries each of us prepared a small presentation to show what Romanians could see when they visit each of our countries.

This was our poster for that night

The first pair to present was Martyna and Kuba from Poland.

Video of history of Poland in animation

Next, was the pair from Portugal, Ana and Nuno.

Video from tourism in Portugal

Our audience very well composed and attentive. Thank you all for being present.

After Portugal, it was time for the Uruguayan pair, Virginia and German

Video from tourism in Uruguay

Next It was the Turkey pair, Burcho and Mehmet.

Video from tourism in Turkey

Last but not least, Valerie and Janet, from Zambia.

Video of our girls teaching African dances

Our ladies gave quite the show. Don't you think?

It makes you want to learn African dances, I know we all wanted to learn a little bit.

This a great night and opportunity to greet the community and get to know then a little bit.

And we thank you very much for coming and spending this time with us.

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